A pattern for a 3-boned 90 inch or a 4-boned 120 inch hoop skirt. 


· 3-boned 90 inch:  These hoops were also known as “junior” hoops as this was the first hoop a girl graduated into when they went to long dresses.  This hoop is also correct for those under 5’ 2” tall.  The simmer hoops were also worn under certain dresses if you wanted a slimmer, tailored look.

· 4-boned 120 inch:  This was considered a standard hoop skirt.  It was large enough to give the bell shape but small enough to allow ease of movement. 


     Includes an information sheet “What Size Hoop Skirt Do I Need?”

Instructions are included for a drawstring and a fitted waistband. 



     The use of the drawstring in this pattern makes it truly adjustable for waists up to 45”.  The length of the 3-bone is 34 inches with the lowest hoop at 30 inches.  The length of the 4-bone is 36 inches with the lowest hoop at 32 inches.  Instructions are included to lengthen or shorten as necessary.


Pattern Requirements:

3 - 4 yards 45” wide cotton

12 yard coil of hoop wire

Grosgrain ribbon or twill tape for drawstring

Trims of choice



4 Bone Hoop Skirt

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