Corset covers protect the corset from rubbing on the bodice of the dress and hide the bones of your corset giving you a smoother look. A corset cover protects the corset from soil and dirt from the outside, unlike the chemise which is meant to protect the corset from the body underneath.

          This pattern gives you a corset cover using two methods of construction:

          Style A uses a simple casing and drawstring at the neckline.

          Style B uses a round of beading eyelet and ribbon instead of the casing. 

         Both allow you to adjust the neckline to suit your body, and use a drawstring at the waistline for additional fitting. Either style can be made with or without sleeves depending on your personal preference, the desired use, and the Era you wish to portray. 



Available in both size groups, choose the size that most closely relates to your bust.



Pattern Requirements:

2 - 2 1/2 yards of 45” wide cotton

Five  3/8 - 1/2” mother-of-pearl, glass, bone or other period button

1 pkg white single-fold bias tape (instructions are included if you want to make your

Style B: 1 - 1 1/2 yds beading eyelet LACE.png

3 yds 1/4” wide satin ribbon                             



Corset Cover

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