Sleeve Jockeys (false sleeves) are one of the most common accessories worn by women of the Era, used not only for their looks but also to help protect the clothing from soil and wear. Chemisettes, collars, sleeve jockeys and cuffs were often made in sets with similar trimmings, helping to enhance the illusion that a complete body was being worn, when in fact it was just matching accessories. TSA-502 Chemisettes and Collars is the perfect companion pattern for this reason. This pattern is for 3 styles of sleeve jockeys and 5 cuff styles that can be used on the sleeve jockeys or on a cuff band, allowing you to mix and match your sleeves and cuffs for a variety of looks. Some embroidery designs and fabric trim methods are included. A basic one-size pattern.

Sleeve Jockeys & Cuffs

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