Split crotch drawers:

Standard split-crotch drawers with a drawstring waist band.  The drawers are worn under everything else so the split-crotch makes going to the "necessary" a whole lot easier.  The drawstrings are very long so that they may be crossed in the back and tied in the front.  This allows the drawer sections to cross over each other in the back and thus prevent some of those “airy” feelings.  If you are modest and do not want the open crotch, the seam may be whip-stitched closed until you are ready to change.  Mid-calf length drawers edged with 2 rows of pin-tucking and eyelet lace. 

Closed Crotch Drawers: They are popular in the store.

Basic pull-on drawers with elastic waistband.  For those truly not comfortable with split-crotch drawers.  Our drawers come with two rows of pin-tucking and eyelet lace at the bottom.  They are mid-calf length.  HOWEVER,  please consider the fact that the drawers are worn underneath everything else, so it is sometimes difficult to get to them to pull them up and down. 



Ladies Drawers

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