Petticoats were worn over the hoops to prevent the individual hoops from showing, and under the hoops for warmth and modesty.

Underhooppetticoat/Modesty slip:
Basic petticoat worn under the hoop to provide for warmth, also used if no hoop was worn. Has drawstring waist. Length at 38", bottom circumference is 88"

   Tucked Petticoat:
       Basic petticoat that can be worn under the hoop for warmth and modesty, or by itself, as tucks provide a little stiffness to the bottom of the petticoat. The bottom of the petticoat is 90". The length is 38".

Worn over the hoop skirt to prevent the hoops from showing. Has drawstring waist. Length at 40". Has 12" flounce, and round or trim at flounce line. Comes in two diameters*: 90", suitable for 1,2, or 3 bone hoops or to wear if you do not want a hoop skirt and a 120", suitable for 4 boned hoops.  *diameter is before the flounce is added.

                        160" overhooop petticoat: This is a custom item. Fitted waistband which requires a waist measurement (I do include 4 inches of adjustment room and multiple buttons for adjustment). Length is 40" standard but can be made shorter or longer upon request. Has 12" flounce with a round of lace at flouce line.

Drawstring waist fits up to 90"
Request a custom fitted waistband for an additional $15.00 



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