A simple but dressy bodice suitable for dressier day wear and evening attire.

         As the name suggests the bodice is fitted by crossing over in the front and “wrapping” the body. It utilizes small pleats, or darts along the waistline as well as the waistband of the skirt to give it shape and    structure.  The bodice has two collar options; a soft shawl collar and a “revers” or fold-over pointed collar.  The modified pagoda sleeves can be made either plain or with a cuff to match the fold-over collar. All can be trimmed with braids, laces, ruffles or handwork, many ideas for which are included in the pattern.  A pattern for the insert at the neckline is also included.   The bodice is designed to either be tucked into your skirt or placed on a waistband. The built-in adjustability of this style makes it a great choice for those growing teens. 

TSS-201 Double Opening skirt, TSS-202 Gauged Skirt or TSS-203 Gored Skirt  work well to make a great day dress.  When combined with a fancier skirt such as TSS-206 Split Skirt with Underskirt, this makes the perfect outfit for a fancier teenage dress.   The modified pagoda sleeves are meant to be worn with sleeve jockeys, TSA-501 Sleeve Jockeys ad Cuffs offers some great choices.


This pattern is available in two size groups.  Please compare your bust measurement to the chart below to decide your pattern choice. 

Pattern Requirements:

          21/2 - 31/2 yds 45” wide fashion fabric/ same amount for lining
                  * depending on size
         Fine cord for your piping
         Trims of choice


Wrap Bodice

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