Ruffled Cuff Sleeve Jockey's


The main purpose of this item was to protect your outer garments from the body soils and stains.  Sleeve Jockey's had a very specific purpose but they all serve to help you achieve the look of the period.  All our items are made with 100% cotton and where used cotton laces and trims.  White was the common color as it showed that you were a good housekeeper and could maintain white items, but we also offer most items in cream and black as well.


Beaded Lace Jockeys:  The band of beaded lace around these jockeys gives you a great way to add a touch of color to the item by threading your desired ribbon through the lace.

Add a chemisette and save $5.00


1. Chemisette with stand up collar and simple sleeve jockeys

2. Chemisette with fold over collar and simple sleeve jockeys

3. Luxury set with scalloped collared chemisette and scalloped cuffed sleeve jockeys



Ruffled Cuff Sleeve Jockey's

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