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TSO-412 Angular Paletot Sewing Pattern, 19th Century Coat

TSO-412 Angular Paletot Sewing Pattern, 19th Century Coat

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TSO-412 Angular Paletot Patten features a mid-thigh length paletot with a hemline that angles towards the back or a simple straight hemline. The coat has a generous armhole so that it can comfortably worn over your regular dresses without binding and cutting under the arms. We offer two sleeve widths: The wider pagoda sleeve styling accommodates the wider sleeves so prevalent during the 1850’s and 60’s, and a narrower sleeve. The pattern also features two collar options: A narrow stand-up collar for more of a military look and a rounded fold-over collar which give the neckline of the coat a fold-back lapel but is wide enough to be turned up if the weather requires it. Many fabric and trim ideas are included. Whether you want to make this paletot for warmth or as part of an outfit, we think you will find this coat a great addition to your re-enacting wardrobe.

The loose fit makes it perfect for maternity wear.

This is a loose-fitting paletot. As such it is very forgiving in the size requirements so I have used the bust measurement to indicate sizing. All sizes included.

 Fabric Requirements:
Fashion fabric— This pattern works best for 60” wide fabric.
2 1/2—3 yards of 60” wide fabric
Lining—3 1/2—4 yards 45” wide fabric – This must be refolded selvage to selvage to accommodate the length and width of the pattern pieces
Front closures of choice
Trims of choice -
The lower edge of the garment measures approximately 120”
The lower edge of the regular pagoda sleeve measures approximately 30”; narrower sleeve is 20”
The center front from neck to hem edge approximately 38”
Hopefully this will help you to choose the correct amount of trim depending your positioning.

 This listing is for a new, hard copy pattern and not a finished garment. 

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