Collection: Bodices

Bodices, bodies or waists, as the upper half of the outfit was called, come in many shapes and styles.  The armholes (armscyes) are usually piped and off the shoulder and the seams are set off the shoulder and to the back of the bodice. All features that were designed to give you the period look of the slender waistline. The designs use several different fitting methods: vertical darts, gathers, pleats and fitted pattern pieces as well as offer a variety of finishing methods for the lower edge, all depending on the style of the garment. Almost all of the bodices are lined. Considerations when making your style choice are: your persona, social and economic status, planned use, seasonal and climate variations, area of the country you are in, and your age.  Please carefully read the pattern descriptions to decide which bodice style will best suit you and your planned garment.