Collection: For the Ball!

The aim of this Ballgown series is to offer good basic patterns with lots of options and ideas to change and update your garment for each season.  The patterns are designed on the principle of making a very simple ballgown, TSB-130 Basic Ballgown Bodice and your favorite skirt pattern, using good quality fabric in a basic color. (TSS-201 Basic Double Opening Skirt or TSS-203 Gored Skirt work very well.)  To this very basic bodice you can add your choice of sleeves using TSB-132 Ballgown Sleeve Options.  TSB-131 Ballgown Berthas give you the options of different berthas to add to your gown, changing the neckline and look of your bodice. TSS-207 Scalloped Overskirt will give you many options to change the look of your skirt.  All these patterns include many more ideas for changing and modifying your basic gown so that you can have a new look at each event for years to come.