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TSB-131 Ball Gown Bertha Sewing Pattern, 19th Century/ Civil War Era DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

TSB-131 Ball Gown Bertha Sewing Pattern, 19th Century/ Civil War Era DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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 TSB-131 Ball Gown Bertha pattern is for two styles of Berthas, which are meant to be worn over the lower necklines of the Ball Gown Bodices. Either of these Bertha’s can be as simple or as fancy as desired. The look is up to your choice of ribbons, fabrics, laces and trims.

· The Lace/ Fabric Bertha uses a band of fabric to which rows of ruffles and lace are sewn. This bertha drapes well over the shoulders. It is easy to construct and fit.
· The Square Bertha is made on a patterned foundation and requires a little more construction. It is a wonderful Bertha to use if you want to give the illusion of a square neckline. This is a great project to show off your needlework and crafting skills.

Berthas were a very popular accessory during the Civil War Era. There is not another garment that could change the look of an outfit as easily as the Bertha. This gave women the chance to appear “new” and “fresh” at different occasions, without the expense of a completely new outfit. Godey’s Magazine routinely showed new ideas for Bertha’s, often calling them berthe. Mary Lincoln spent $500 on a Lace Bertha she is pictured wearing on several occasions.

  This pattern was designed as part of the “Ball Gown Series”. (See information in the picture section) The aim of this series is to offer good basic patterns and lots of options and ideas to change and update your garments without having to make new dresses for each season. As discussed in the Basis Ball Gown Bodice, if you make your ball gown in a basic color and style you can utilize patterns like this to change the look of your outfit. The pattern fits particularly well with TSB-130 Basic Ball Gown Bodice and TSD-302 Girls/ Teen Party Dress
The pattern includes instructions for all sizes, from small to x-large.
Pattern Requirements:
The amounts and choice of fabrics and trims will depend on your desired Bertha

This listing is for a digital download and not a finished garment. A hard copy pattern is available.

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