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TSB-130 Basic Ball Gown Bodice Sewing Pattern, Mid- 19th Century, Civil War Era

TSB-130 Basic Ball Gown Bodice Sewing Pattern, Mid- 19th Century, Civil War Era

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This pattern includes options for a round or a sweetheart neckline, as well as a Bertha style collar, lappets and coordinating center front panel, a chemisette lace trim at neckline, a ruffled neckline, as well as many trim ideas including beadwork.
This pattern is designed on the principle of making a very simple ball gown and adding options over time, to adapt and change the look of your gown for many different occasions, and many years of wear.
Of all the garments you will make from the Civil War Era, the ball gown has the least number of restrictions. The neckline can be high or low, with or without ruffles. The gown can have any number of sleeve options. The style and design was guided more by the wearer and her style than by convention.
This Basic Ball gown Bodice has all the features of the bodices of the Era:
· The princess line and the boning allow for a tight, close-fitting garment
· Shoulder seams fall to the back of the shoulder to help emphasize the width of the shoulders
· The side seams are to the back to help give the illusion of a smaller waist
· The bodice ends in a point at both the front and the back
· The bodice closes with eyelet and laces down the center back
· The bodice is finished at the neck edge and the lower edge with piping
This ball gown bodice when combined with one of Timeless Stitches skirt patterns will make a wonderful, easy to adapt gown. Look for TSS-201 Standard Double Opening Skirt:  or TSS-203 Gored Skirt:   TSS-206 Split Skirt with Ruffled Underskirt Panel:  Scalloped Overskirt:  are great if you want a fancier skirt. Other patterns meant to compliment this pattern are TSB-131 Ball Gown Bertha, that can be added to your basic bodice and a selection of sleeve options TSB-132 Sleeve Options, which can be stitched to your bodice after completion, or during sewing.
The pattern includes four sizes: 
Small, Medium, Large and X-large.
The 5-piece front makes fitting easy.
 Pattern Requirements:
1 1/2 yds 45” wide fabric/ same amount of lining
* 2 yds of fabric and lining for X-large or directional fabrics

This listing is for a hard copy pattern and not a finished garment.

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