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TSA-502 Chemisettes and Collars Sewing Pattern, detachable collars and dickie

TSA-502 Chemisettes and Collars Sewing Pattern, detachable collars and dickie

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TSA-502 Chemisettes and Collars Pattern is for a button front “dickey” called a chemisette. These garments were used to help fill in the neckline of dresses with a square or lower neckline, allowing the wearer to extend the purposes of her garments. A great consideration is that the chemisette can be easily changed, freshening up an outfit.   Chemisettes were worn under bodices to give the illusion of a body underneath. For this reason most had matching sleeve jockeys trimmed in the same style. TSA-501 Sleeve Jockeys and Cuffs   is the perfect companion pattern for this purpose.

The pattern includes 6 collar styles that can be used on the chemisettes, many of which can be also made as separate collars to be tacked directly to the bodice to protect the neckline.
These collar styles are:
Round collar
Stand-up collar
Standard fold-over collar with pointed tips
Fancy tab front collar
Triangular collar that shows in the front only
Ruffle or lace edge
Some simple embroidery designs and the instructions from Godey’s for a knitted chemisette are included.
Pattern Requirements:
Under a yard of cotton, bits of lace and 3 pretty buttons is all you need to make any of the wonderful combinations suggested in this pattern.

This listing is for a hard copy pattern and not a finished garment. If you prefer we have a digital download pattern available.

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