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TSA-553 Shaped Cloth Bonnet Sewing Pattern, 19th Century cloth bonnet DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

TSA-553 Shaped Cloth Bonnet Sewing Pattern, 19th Century cloth bonnet DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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TSA-553 Shaped Cloth Bonnet pattern is for a bonnet that combines several features from our other bonnet patterns. The shape comes from the stiff brim, which can be done using four different methods: quilting, cording, pin tucking or slats. The look of the bonnet is completed by your choice of ruffles and the length of the bavolet (curtain). Instructions are included for the four methods of brim construction, as well as the different lengths and style of bavolet. The back of the bonnet is shaped using a ribbon drawstring. As with all my patterns, information about fabric choices is included. Done in black this makes a great mourning bonnet for those portraying lower income personas.

1) BRIM: The choices available to you for stitching your brim are:
a) Quilting, using many rows of stitches
b) Cord sewn into the brim
c) Pin tucks on the brim
d) Slats inserted into casings sewn into the brim
a) No ruffle along the edge of the brim
b) Single or if you wish a double ruffle along the brim edge
3) BAVOLET: (curtain around the back of the bonnet)
a) The length of the bavolet can be anywhere from 2 ½” – 14 ½” long.
b) The bavolet can have either a straight edge or can be curved around the front.

 Pattern Requirements:
  Approx 1 yd of 45” wide basic fabric depending on your choices for ties, ruffle and bavolet.
¼ yd of felt used for the stiffening within the brim (Warm and Natural quilt batting works very well)
Plastic canvas, cardboard, or balsa wood for optional slat brim
For optional corded brim, you will need 5 yds of #70 cable cord (3/8” cotton cord)
For ribbon ties: 1 ½ yds of 1 – 1 ½” wide double-sided satin or grosgrain ribbon.
1 yd of ¼ - ½” ribbon for back drawstring or you can make this from scrap fabric as this does not show

 This listing is for a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD pattern and not a finished garment. A hardcopy pattern is available.

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