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TSD-322 Infant/ Toddler Shift Sewing Pattern, Boone Frock DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

TSD-322 Infant/ Toddler Shift Sewing Pattern, Boone Frock DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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This pattern is for a simple, easy to construct, dress worn by boys and girls up to about the age of four. The dress is based on the simple chemise worn by women in the 17th and 18th centuries, and thus is sometimes called a “chemise” gown. The shoulder straps allow for easy fitting of the garment, without the need for a true armhole. The gathered bodice front and back allowed plenty of room for expansion as the need arose. Many of the early chemise gowns had a second and even a third drawstring around the body. The loose flowing body and drawstring neckline allow for freedom of movement and the growth of the child. The garment can be worn both as a chemise and as an outer dress. The length of the dress varied with the age of the child. Growth tucks were often included in the planning of the garment to allow for the growth of the child. This shift has been worn since the revolutionary times and makes a great warm weather dress. This gown is also known as a “Boone Frock”. Named because there is an existing garment worn by a relative of Daniel Boone.
The pattern allows for the choice of either short or long sleeves. Instructions are also included for the optional, additional drawstring just above the waist.
Fabric Requirements:
The amount of fabric required varies according to the length of the gown and the size chosen.
1 ½ yards 45” wide fabric will make most sizes of dress.
For drawstrings: ¼” wide double sided satin ribbon or cotton twill tape

The pattern includes both sizes: Infants and Toddlers. Do not be afraid to make this garment with plenty of room for growth!

Make a diaper cover in the same fabric as a perfect way to complete your outfit and give you a period way to cover a modern disposable diaper.  TSU-068 Pilcher/Diaper Cover works well.
This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD pattern and not a finished garment.  A hardcopy pattern is available.

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