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Timeless Stitches

Dark Blue Floral Print Work Bag - 19th century

Dark Blue Floral Print Work Bag - 19th century

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This dark print work bag in deep blue is perfect for your needs. It has a spacious interior, easy access, and is made of heavy weight 100% cotton fabric with a period print that doesn't easily show dirt. The 7” brass rings can slide up your arm, leaving your hands free. Lined with white cotton muslin and featuring an inside pocket, this bag is 20 inches long and discreetly fits your projects, water bottles, wallets, and more.


During the 19th century, men often carried carpet bags while women opted for cloth satchels or work bags, using these accessories to transport their necessary items and handicrafts during travels. In modern times, these bags are ideal for organizing sewing and crafting tools and projects at events, serving as convenient market or shopping bags. The Dark Print Work Bag is suitable for various historical events such as Civil War reenactments, Dickens festivals, and wagon trains, making it a practical option for workers and volunteers at historical sites. Furthermore, it doubles as a versatile option for busy women who wish to bring their crafting projects on-the-go.


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