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Deep Red/ Wine Velvet Medici Belt with White Applique

Deep Red/ Wine Velvet Medici Belt with White Applique

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The front of this belt is made of a deep red/ wine velvet featuring a wonderful white oval applique accented with pearl beads. The belt is tied in the back with long black cotton ties. We have chosen these ties as they tend to tie well and to STAY TIGHTLY TIED. The belt is built on a stiffened form of plastic canvas and felt, which makes it easier to care for and helps the belt hold its shape. The belt features a single point worn upward and a straight lower edge, this helps to prevent the belt from curling when the wearer bends or sits down. With the long ties this belt should fit most waist sizes.

A good finishing touch to your outfit. Belts were worn to help emphasize the waistline. Belts also help to hide the joint between the bodice and the skirt. Young women wore the belts as part of the new "fashionable" styling of the garibaldi blouse and skirt combination.
Period Correct? Peterson's Magazine, March 1862 ---"The Russian, Swiss and Medici waist bands are worn more than ever. Some are plain. Some stitched in colored silk, others embroidered with silk, braid and etc."

Want to make your own? We have the pattern; TSA-525 Medici Belts available in both hard copy and Digital Download.

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