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FIT KIT - How to fit your Bodice Patterns Sewing Booklet DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

FIT KIT - How to fit your Bodice Patterns Sewing Booklet DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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The most important part of sewing your period garment is achieving a good fit. This “FIT KIT” is aimed at helping you accomplish this. The kit walks you through a step-by-step process of creating and fitting our Timeless Stitches bodice patterns for your unique body. Many of us have the experience of being one size in the bust while our waist and/ or hips are a different size. Many of us carry extra weight only around the waist. Some of us have high thick tummies, and some carry much of our weight down on our hips or across the posterior.

Fitting Plus Size patterns present some unique challenges. Often the Plus Size or fuller figured body is not proportionately larger everywhere. Plus Size women often have the additional challenges of thicker upper arms, larger upper backs and sloping shoulders.

  When you add to this the challenges of short or long-waisted women, and the variations in posture many ladies experience, women can become very frustrated when trying to make garments for themselves. But, in truth, I am not telling you something you don’t already know. It is my goal in this “FIT KIT” to help you address these challenges and achieve a pattern and ultimately a garment that FITS YOU.

 This kit is designed to help you fit Timeless Stitches Basic Fitted Bodice TSB-100 pattern, but its principles and ideas can be used to fit any pattern. I have chosen the Basic Fitted Bodice because it has the most features. If you can fit a Basic Fitted Bodice you can fit anything.

  This listing is for a digital download and not a finished garment.  A hardcopy booklet is available.

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