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Flounced Petticoat, Historical Petticoats, Overhoop Petticoat

Flounced Petticoat, Historical Petticoats, Overhoop Petticoat

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Our flounced petticoats are made of 100% cotton, with a 12-inch flounce, headed with cotton eyelet and a pretty satin bow.  It has a drawstring waist tied with a twill tape drawstring NOT cord, so will fit most women.  

Petticoats were worn over the supporting hoops or cages to prevent the bones from showing. A petticoat serves as supplemental layer or layers to your skirt giving it body and fullness and providing additional warmth. The flounce gives the lower area of the skirt extra fullness and allows the petticoat to drape over the bottom of your hoops. Petticoats were not just worn during the mid-Victorian era, but extend back through to Elizabethan times. This skirt is also perfect for those working at Historical sites.

Sizing: We offer a variety of skirt lengths and lower circumferences so the petticoats will fit over all sized hoops. For the best results this petticoat should fall about 2 inches below your hoop or 2 inches above the hem of your dress. Simple growth tucks may be used to shorten a petticoat. TALL? SHORT? We can make a petticoat to accommodate all heights. Just choose your desired length.

Our petticoats can be machine washed in cool to warm water, bleached if necessary BUT should be hung to dry. 

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