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TSS-260 Girl's Standard Skirt Sewing Pattern, 19th Century Basic Girl's Skirt

TSS-260 Girl's Standard Skirt Sewing Pattern, 19th Century Basic Girl's Skirt

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TSS-260 Girl’s Standard Skirt Pattern is for a skirt meant to be worn as a separate article of clothing. The skirt is attached to a two-part waistband that opens on both sides. This double opening system allows more room for growth, than a single opening. When combined with a deep hem and/ or growth tucks, this skirt will provide several years of use. Instructions are included for both gathering and pleating the waistband. Instructions are also included for a method of adding ties to the waistband for a sash and for adjusting the length of the skirt.

The age at which a young ladies skirts went from short to long varied greatly, with the area in which they lived, their financial circumstances and the number of members in their family all playing a role in the decision.

Children grow. That is a fact of life. Mothers would plan for the growth of their children when they made their clothing. Additional length was added, in the form of growth tucks or extremely wide hems.

Pattern Requirements:
It is difficult to estimate the amount of fabric required because so many things can affect the amount of fabric needed. A quick calculation is to measure the length from the waist to the floor and multiply it by 2. You will need to add ½ yard if you decide to add a ruffle to the skirt. This is not perfect but does give a good idea of the amount of fabric needed.
4 hooks and eyes or other skirt fasteners. Buttons and buttonholes can also be used.
This pattern is designed for girls from the age of 4 until they are promoted to long skirts. The only difference in the skirt is the length chosen and the desired width.

This listing is for a hard copy pattern and not a finished garment.   

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