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TSM-722 Men's Drawers Sewing Pattern, 19th Century men's Drawers

TSM-722 Men's Drawers Sewing Pattern, 19th Century men's Drawers

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TSM-722 Men’s Drawers pattern is for a pair of drawers, that with minor modifications were worn from the early 1700’s through to the beginning of the 20th century. Our basic pattern is for the Mid-1800’s drawers. The modification section will tell you how to adjust the basic pattern to make drawers from the other Eras.

If wool bothers you a pair of drawers could be the answer!

Early Drawers: Worn from the 1700’s, until about 1840. These drawers had a wider waistband and were shorter to accompany the knee breeches of the Era.
Mid-1800’s Drawers: Worn from about 1840 through to the 1870’s, these drawers had a narrower waistband and were slightly fuller in the legs. They were also full length.
Late 1800’s Drawers: Worn from about 1880 on these drawers get shorter and shorter until they turn into the “boxers” of the modern era.

Sizing: 5 sizes are included in the pattern.

Fabric Requirements: The fabric amount depends on the size and the length required.

The most economical is 36” wide. This requires 3 yards for all sizes. OR
2 ¾ yds – 3 1/3 yds. 45” wide fabric.
1 ½ yds 1” wide cotton twill tape for ties at hemline
12 – 24” of 1/8” ribbon or cord for ties at center back
1 – 4 china, bone, wood, mother-of-pearl or punched tin buttons depending on style.
2 yds of 1” wide cotton twill tape for stirrups

 This listing is for a new, hard copy pattern and not a finished garment. 

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