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TSD-304 Morning Wrapper Dress Sewing Pattern, 19th Century Robe

TSD-304 Morning Wrapper Dress Sewing Pattern, 19th Century Robe

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A morning wrapper is similar to a modern dressing gown, more for “at home” than for out and about in public. This is the perfect garment to put on when getting up in the morning, preparing breakfast and or those quick nighttime trips to the “necessary.” The loose flowing front style makes this a great garment for maternity wear and for dressing down on a hot summer afternoon.

Features include a wide front that allows for many trim options, and a fitted back. The wrapper opens completely down the front, so that the lower section can be left unbuttoned to reveal a pretty petticoat. The wrapper is styled in the mid-century design of dropped shoulders and side seams set towards the back, but can certainly be used into the 1870’s . The wrapper can be worn with or without a belt. The pattern includes pagoda sleeves, two methods of front trims, the option of a two styles of self-fabric collars, optional pockets and lots of information and documentation on wrappers.

If you are looking for a simple cotton morning cap to go with this wrapper please check out TSA-562 Fanchon Day Cap Pattern 

This pattern is available in two size groups:
REGULAR SIZE for busts from 30—42 inches and waists from 28—40 inches.
PLUS SIZE for busts from 48—56 and waists from 46—54 inches.

Fabric Requirements:
5 yards 45” wide fashion fabric * 6 yards for plus sizes
1 3/4 yards of 45” wide fabric for contrasting band or lining fabric for facing.
14 — 1/2” buttons: porcelain, mother-of-pearl, bone, wood or metal all work well.
fine cord for piping

Trims of your choice:
The front of the wrapper is approximately 60 inches from shoulder to hem edge, so you will need this amount of trim for each band or strip desired.
The outside edge of the contrasting fabric band is 145 inches long, so you will need this amount of lace, braid or ribbon if you want to add it to this edge.
Each sleeve is 24 inches wide. Remember to add for each sleeve, depending on your choice of trim.

This listing is for a hard copy pattern and not a finished garment. 


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