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Mourning Bonnet, Drawn Capote Bonnet, Regency, 19th century Victorian

Mourning Bonnet, Drawn Capote Bonnet, Regency, 19th century Victorian

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This BLACK drawn capote style bonnet is perfect for your Regency and early to mid 19th Century Mourning impressions. The bonnet is designed after the early Capote style of bonnet that appeared in the 1790’s and continued into the 1800’s. A capote - literally, French for hood - is characterized by a stiffened fabric brim framing the face, a soft gathered or pouch-like crown, and ribbon ties extending from the crown. The American prairie sunbonnet and the poke style drawn bonnets of the 1830’s and 40’s are a descendant of the capote.

The bonnet is lightweight and easy to wear. Our bonnet features a broad brim with 4 drawn bands so it sits nicely on the head and a pouch style back to accommodate many of the hairstyles and buns worn during the era. The bonnet is tied with simple satin ribbon. Our bonnet is drawn over plastic boning, so you will not experience the crushing or cane breaks that can happen with cane drawn bonnets. It is not possible to tell that plastic is used until you actually touch the boning. We make our bonnets out of blended fabrics so they are not affected or marked by rain. The wide front of the bonnet makes it comfortable when a mourning veil is worn. A simple metal comb is stitched within the brim to help keep the bonnet secure to the head.

Bonnets of dull black covered with crape were the sure sign of deep mourning. As mourning lightened the crape was removed and black ribbons and fabric were used for details such as rosettes, leaves, bows, and other feminine symbols to decorate the bonnet. Slowly color was introduced into the bonnet, first with a ruching of white around the inside, then with the addition of ribbons and accents of colors such as the shades of purple and grays.

This listing is for the basic bonnet. I have included a ribbon and lace rosette to add some simple detail to the bonnet. I have also shown pictures of a velvet adornment, additional feathers and a folded ribbon trim which is not included but will give you some decorating ideas and extend the possible uses for your bonnet. If you wish an adorned bonnet please contact me for available trims, feathers and ribbons. I can also attach a white ruching layer suitable for second mourning to the inside of the bonnet brim for an additional charge.

The bonnet is shown with a Mourning veil which is not included. We offer two styles of Mourning Veils:
A Long Deep Mourning Veil:
and a Short, Brush –style Veil:
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