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Needle Arts Volume 2 - Sontag Crochet & Knitting Pattern Booklet

Needle Arts Volume 2 - Sontag Crochet & Knitting Pattern Booklet

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 VOLUME 2—SONTAGS (Knit and Crochet)
These multi-sized patterns are for simple sontags that hug the body and button in the back. This wonderful “wrap around” garment is very functional for keeping your upper body warm while leaving your arms free. The ties or buttons at the back keep the garment close to your torso and out of the fire, food, wash water and other hazards. We offer both a stocking stitch and a seed stitch knit version as well as a crocheted sontag. We have included several different styles of edging to enable you to create a garment that is uniquely yours. There are many names for this crocheted or knitted garment from the basic; sontag, spencer, habit shirt, and cross-over shawl, to the more whimsical; bosom friend or heart-warmer. They all refer to a garment that is worn on the upper body.

Our instructions are written using modern terms and are suitable for most knitters and crocheters. I have listed several sontags made from these patterns in our store.

This pattern is for a hardcopy booklet. if you would prefer a digital download please see our other listings. 

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