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TSO-402 Pelerine Cloak Sewing Pattern, 19th Century Cloak Cape

TSO-402 Pelerine Cloak Sewing Pattern, 19th Century Cloak Cape

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A cloak is a must for all re-enactors.
This is not your usual cloak pattern!

TSO - 402 Pelerine Cloak Patten offers an alternative to the plain, straight hemmed cloaks seen at all re-enactments. This cloak is mid-length, long enough to keep you warm, but short enough so that it will not drape on the ground and get dirty or wick up moisture from the ground on those wet dreary days. Our cloak has an attached Pelerine (small cape) at the neck which offers additional protection from the rain. The cloak has angular lines which fall to a point in the center back. The pattern can be made with or without a pleated ruffle around the pelerine. An optional hood pattern is enclosed as well as many ideas and suggestions for the look of your cloak. This cloak is suitable for living history re-enactors from 1700's and forward.


 Pattern Requirements:
3 yards 60” fabric of 4 1/2—5 yards 45” fabric
Similar amount of desired lining fabric
Front closure of choice
Optional Trims

Suggested Fabrics and Trims:
For warmth a good quality wool works best. I find that the heavier melton weight wools tend to hang better and do not crease as easily as some of the lighter suit-weight wools do. For lining I have found a cotton flannelette works very well. It is snuggly warm and also helps the cloak from sliding around on your shoulders. For the optional hood, I do tend to use a dressier fabric as it shows when the hood is worn back on the shoulders. For trimming any of the available braids, velvet ribbons of self-fabric ruffles all work well around the edge of the pelerine collar.

 This listing is for a new, hard copy pattern and not a finished garment. 

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