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PLUS SIZE Underpinning Set, Chemise and Drawers

PLUS SIZE Underpinning Set, Chemise and Drawers

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This listing is for a two piece underpinning set of chemise and drawers suitable for most of the 1800’s. They are made with 100% clear white cotton muslin trimmed with cotton eyelet beading lace.
CHEMISE: This chemise is a simple flowing style which gathers around the neckline by pulling the ribbon in the eyelet making it very adjustable. Our chemise is sleeveless with a generous arm opening prevents binding in the armhole of your dress. The lower edge is finished with a simple rolled hem.
A chemise is an essential item of a ladies underpinnings. Chemises provide the layer between your skin and corset, to keep the corset clean and from pinching and binding as it is adjusted. If you are not wearing a corset, the chemise offers a layer of modesty and protects your clothing from the oils on your skin.
This chemise was designed with the larger ladies in mind. It has a nice mid-rise neckline that is totally adjustable. The armholes are wide and generous so that the chemise will not bind up under your dresses. At 31-032 inches in length it is a little on the shorter side so that it does not get caught up in your drawers or pantaloons or prevent you from taking a nice stride step.
DRAWERS: These drawers are designed so that they overlap in the back and the drawstring comes around and ties in the front. This helps the drawers stay overlapped so you do not get that “airy” feeling. It is also easier if you are tying your drawstrings where you can see them. The lower edge is finished with cotton beading lace and a ribbon so they can be left open or you can use the ribbon to draw in the leg so they do not flap and irritate.
Drawers, also known as pantaloons or pantalettes, are an essential part of your underpinning wardrobe. They provide for modesty underneath those long skirts. Drawers are worn under everything else, so the split-crotch makes going to the “necessary” much easier.
These drawers were designed with the larger ladies in mind. They have a wide waistband and long drawstrings to allow for tying in the front. The eyelet beading at the lower edge of each leg allows you to either leave the leg wide or draw it in to your calf. The upper body of the drawers are generous, so that they will cross over in the back and not bind at the hip.
We offer this set in 3 PLUS Sizes: To insure a good fit use the larger measurement from your bust, waist or hips.
X-Large: 50 – 52 Inches
XX-Large: 54 – 58 Inches
XXX-Large: Up to 62 inches
CUSTOM: If needed I can do a CUSTOM item to any measurement - Just put the measurement in the comment section.

I also offer these items individually.  
These items can be machine washed in cool to warm water, bleached if necessary BUT should be hung to dry. 

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