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TSM-745 Shell Jacket with Depot Variations Sewing Pattern, Union and Confederate Shell Jacket

TSM-745 Shell Jacket with Depot Variations Sewing Pattern, Union and Confederate Shell Jacket

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Whether called shell jacket, roundabout, fatigue jacket or round coat, this jacket style was widely used from 1830 on. Our pattern is for a 6 piece basic shell jacket as well as instructions on the various adaptations such as shoulder straps, belt loops and functional cuffs.
US regulations, Confederate regulations, state regulations, substitute standard clothing, state purchase garments, private purchase garments, homemade garments—the variety of uniforms worn by soldiers both North and South during the Civil War is astonishing. Adding to this the problems obtaining fabric and supplies, the lack of manufacturing facilities, and the vast numbers of uniforms needed in a short period, it is no wonder the incredible differences in uniforms from Army-to-Army, state-to-state and even unit-to-unit.
The differences in construction depend upon many things, from the army of issue down to the actual uniform supplier. The pattern includes a listing of the most common variations (Union, Richmond Depots, Columbus Depot, Atlanta Depot, Charleston Depot and Alabama), some historical notes and how to adapt the basic pattern to achieve your desired result. Using this pattern, you should be able to create most of the shell jackets worn during the era.
Fabric Requirements:
2– 3 ½ yards of 60” wide fabric OR 3 –4yards of 45” wide fabric depending on size
3 –4 yards of cotton, osnaburg or muslin for lining
Choice of buttons and trim depending on variation
This pattern is in five general size groups and 13 sizes. It is best to use your chest measurement and choose a size that most accurately represents this size. 

This listing is for a new, hard copy pattern and not a finished garment. 

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