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Short Mourning Veil - Weeping Veil - Brush Veil - Widows Weeds

Short Mourning Veil - Weeping Veil - Brush Veil - Widows Weeds

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A Mourning veil is an essential element of a mourning impression. This veil is classic black blended semi-sheer edged with black satin. The veil measures approximately 30 inches square. This Veil is also known as a "brush" veil as it was shorter than the standard length and brushed the shoulders. Information on Mourning Veil Etiquette is included.

Veils shielded the fact that someone had been weeping as you could not see the tears of the mourner—giving much needed privacy. Superstition held that the spirits of the departed would hover around those they loved, and if a passerby looked directly on the mourner’s face, the departed spirit might attach itself to that person, so supposedly the veil was also a protection for others. The period of deepest mourning usually lasted a year and a day for widows. During this time crape was used to cover outer wear and bonnets (veils). A woman in deep mourning was not allowed to exit her home without full black attire including a weeping veil covering her face. Her veil was made of heavy crape, covering not only her bonnet and face but most of her upper body. At the end of deep mourning, the heavy weeping veil was exchanged for this shorter version which was often lifted and worn back over the head.

This listing is for the Mourning Veil ONLY. It is shown with over a drawn bonnet and over a fanchon style bonnet which are NOT INCLUDED.  We offer both styles of bonnet in other listings.

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