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TSB-111 Sleeveless Jacket - Vest Sewing Pattern, Mid- 19th Century, Civil War Era

TSB-111 Sleeveless Jacket - Vest Sewing Pattern, Mid- 19th Century, Civil War Era

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A great Beginner Pattern! Practice those needlecraft skills!
TSB-111 Sleeveless Jacket pattern offers a simple sleeveless jacket or vest. It can be joined in the front with loops and buttons or optional braid frogs. If you would like to make as a reversible vest then do not add any front closures, instead use a broach to close. This garment is not as form fitting as some vests are and thus easy to fit. The pattern requires just a yard of fabric so is reasonable for some of those expensive brocades, silks or velvets.

Ladies of the 1860’s used vests to show off their stitchery skills often spending hours on intricate detail and designs. Vests were worn over a simple skirt and body to complete the outfit or under open front jackets such as TSB-105 Zouave Jacket. Vests were not only made of the same fabric as a skirt and jacket but were often made in a complimentary color to match the trim.

If you want to make an outfit TSS-203 Gored Skirt works very well, as the tailored lines of the skirt compliment the tailored look of the vest.
TSB-120 Tucked Body and TSB-121 Guimpe can be used for the blouse underneath.

The pattern includes four general sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-large.

Pattern Requirements:
1 yd fashion fabric—same amount of lining
Optional trims and closures of your choice

This listing is for a hard copy pattern and not a finished garment. 

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