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TSO-403 Summer Capellette Sewing Pattern, 19th Century Cloak Cape Capelet

TSO-403 Summer Capellette Sewing Pattern, 19th Century Cloak Cape Capelet

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TSO - 403 Summer Capellette Pattern is for a very lightweight unlined cape, that is meant to be trimmed with lace or ruffles. The capellette gets its light airy qualities from your choice of fabric and trims. The garment closes in the front with self-fabric ties or ribbon. Other methods of closures may be used such as hook and eyes or a loop and button. Several ideas for trimming your garment are included.

The name for this garment comes from Le Beau Monde, a French magazine, popular at the time. The Spring 1862 edition described a “summer capellette made of silk or gauze” that would “make a delightful addition to every young ladies wardrobe.” I liked the name so much I chose to use it for this pattern. Peterson’s Magazine of October 1863 describes, “ circular mantles have been lately introduced and are finding great favor” and “Every maker gives them a distinctive character by variety of trimming, and sometimes a new name, but they are in reality the same article.”

This garment is meant to be worn on those warm summer days when fashion dictates women wear an outer garment but the weather says “ too hot!” This capellette will work as a covering for a low-necked bodice to extend its wearing into the afternoon. A capellette of the same fabric as your skirt and bodice would nicely round out an outfit and create an extra “look”. This pattern would be a compliment to any of Timeless Stitches bodice patterns. It would soften the tailored lines of the Basic Fitted Bodice TSB-100  and combined with the Sleeveless Jacket TSB-111 and a Gored Skirt TSS-203:  would make a wonderful outfit. The capellette would also make a wonderful topper for the Teen Party Dress TSD-302 
Fabric Requirements:
The body of the capellette requires 1 1/3 yds of 45” wide fabric
The lower edge of the garment measures just under 4 yards,
For store brought trim you will require 4 yards of lace, braid or ribbon
For ruffle you will require 2/3 yds of 45” fabric
The ties and bow can be made from:
Your fabric – will require ¼ yd of 45” wide fabric
Ribbon - you will require 2/3 yds ½” wide for the ties and 1 ½ yds 2- 3” wide for the bow
Optional rosette can be made from ribbon (1 yds 2” wide) or fabric and a 1” covered button kit

The capellette is a one size fits most garment,
suitable for girls from 12 years old and all ladies.

 This listing is for a new, hard copy pattern and not a finished garment. 

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