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Velvet Fanchon Bonnet, 9 COLORS, Dinner Bonnet, Empire Bonnet, Civil War, Victorian

Velvet Fanchon Bonnet, 9 COLORS, Dinner Bonnet, Empire Bonnet, Civil War, Victorian

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Plain, simple and elegant. Bonnet is perfect as is or can easily be embellished.

CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES!!!! You get to choose your colors for the bonnet, the interior, the lace curtain and the ties. This bonnet is constructed on a base of milliners buckram and felt with a wired front brim. Your choice of velvet covers the top of the bonnet. The underside of the bonnet is covered with a simple cotton. The bavolet is a 3-inch white or black lace. Satin ribbon is used for the ties in either white or black, your choice.

This style of bonnet is comfortable to wear, as the back of the head is not contained, allowing free air movement. The wired brim line allows for the bonnet to be adapted to the users choice of shape, and the simple metal comb, attached to the underside along with the ribbon ties, help to hold the bonnet firmly on the head. This bonnet can be left in a simple state or can be “dressed’ with a variety of ribbon and flower options. STORES FLAT for ease if packing.

Fanchon bonnets came into fashion briefly in the early 1860’s as an Empire Bonnet and returned in a more simplified form in the mid 1860’s. In 1865 every issue of Le Follet (a periodical of the Era) had an example of the bonnet. Shaped similar to a half–handkerchief, the body of the bonnet could be worn flat across the head or shaped more in line with the rounded forms of the full bonnet. The bavolets/curtains were often quite narrow and, in some cases, just a narrow band. Sometimes referred to as dinner bonnets, the small size of the bonnet allowed the wearer to leave the bonnet on when attending certain events.

Pictures show a variety of embellishment options and ideas for the bonnet. These are for inspiration only and are NOT INCLUDED on the bonnet. If you wish an embellished bonnet, or to purchase removable embellishment options, please contact me and I would be happy to work with you.

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