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Timeless Stitches

White Cotton Collar and Cuff Set

White Cotton Collar and Cuff Set

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Our new handmade cotton collar is designed to cover a round neckline. This collar is 1 ½ inches wide and extends to 19 inches long with a simple curve at the center front. This collar later became known as a "Peter Pan" collar. The broach can be used to attach the collar to the dress at the front. There is a narrow bias band around the neckline of the collar which tucks into the neckline of the dress and can be used to either pin or baste the collar to your dress. 

Our cuffs are 1 1/2 inches wide on the foldback and 9 inches long. They have a 4-inch header which is used to tuck up under the cuff of your bodice and help secure the cuffs in place.

This set of one collar and two cuffs is made of 100% clear cotton and trimmed with a narrow cotton lace. LACE MAY VARY SLIGHTLY FROM PICTURE. The set is also available without the lace trim.

 This set is shown in white but can be ordered in black or cream.  The collar is shown with a broach which is NOT included in the listing. 

Whether you choose a simple solid cotton for work or everyday wear or a pretty crocheted version for a lightly dressier look, collars offer an easy and unique way to change the look of your outfit. Regardless of age, social status, your economic conditions or where you resided in the country, collars were an essential part of every lady's wardrobe.

Cuffs were the accessory of choice to protect your sleeves from the dirt and grim of everyday life. It was much easier to launder the collars and cuffs than to launder a full dress.


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