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White Lace Fanchon Styled Daycap with White Satin Ribbon Trim, Victorian, Civil War, Dickens

White Lace Fanchon Styled Daycap with White Satin Ribbon Trim, Victorian, Civil War, Dickens

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This simple fanchon day cap, also known as a "float" is made of white netted tulle. The crown of the cap features a white satin folded ribbon accented with pearl beads. The back of the cap is edged with 2 rows of 21/2 inch wide lace highlighted by dovetails of white ribbon finished with a white bow. Milliner's wire is encased in the front edge of the cap, which provides a comfortable and secure way to keep the cap on your head and can be adjusted to fit your head. The back of the cap is gathered to the neck to hold your hair or can be left looser for a softer look (pictures show it worn both ways). The ribbon encased gathering allows the cap to fit most head sizes. This is a soft light-weight cap that is easy to wear and offers a great way to complete your look. Being able to tighten up the back and contain your hair or leave it loose and let it fall over a finished coiffure makes this a very versatile cap.

Day caps were worn by most married women for both morning and day wear. The social status and economic means dictating the fabrics and trims used. Many of the more elaborately trimmed caps were worn for evening wear as well. This head covering is appropriate for Civil War reenactments as well as other 1800’s events such as Dickens or Christmas Fairs or wagon train (Prairie Days). It would also be a good item for workers or volunteers at historical sites.

Morning and dress caps are unusually pretty this season. They no longer resemble the old-fashioned cap, but are rather an elegant headdress." Godey's, August 1862

Unsure what to do with your hair? A cap just may be the perfect answer for you.

Not your color choice for the trim? Contact us and we can make up something "just for you".  

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