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TSB-105 Zouave Jacket Sewing Pattern, Mid- 19th Century, Civil War Era

TSB-105 Zouave Jacket Sewing Pattern, Mid- 19th Century, Civil War Era

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TSB-105 Zouave Jacket pattern is for two styles of jacket; an open jacket which does not close at the neckline and the more common closed jacket which fastens at the neck. Two styles of back are offered: the straight back, which was worn early in the 1860’s and the pointed back which appeared later. Three pagoda sleeve options are also included: straight, cuffed and tapered. All pattern options are interchangeable.

Worn originally as a show of Patriotism, the Zouave fast became the jacket of choice and is a great addition to any wardrobe. The first Zouave jackets were black with red trim but the style soon progressed to many color and fabric combinations, but the trim color usually remained black.

For the younger set an ensemble featuring a Zouave Jacket and a coordinating skirt is perfect. For the older set, jackets made of the same fabric as the balance of you outfit have been seen in period pictures. TSS-203 Gored Skirt works very well, as the tailored lines of the skirt compliment the tailored look of the jacket. TSB-120 Tucked Body and TSB-121 Guimpe both work well as a “blouse” for under your jacket. TSB-111 Sleeveless Jacket (Vest) fits well under the Zouave jacket to finish your overall look and add warmth to an outfit. Ensembles including Zouave jackets can be worn as riding habits. Zouave jackets made of velvet or wool make great outerwear coats.

This pattern is available in two size groups:
REGULAR SIZE for busts from 30—42 inches and waists from 28—40 inches.
PLUS SIZE for busts from 48—56 and waists from 46—54 inches.
If you do not fall within these guidelines, please contact me, and I will work with you to make sure you get the pattern group that best suits your needs.

 Pattern Requirements:
1 1/2 - 2 1/2 yds 45” wide fashion fabric/ same amount for lining
* depending on size
Closure for closed jacket neckline
Fine cord for your piping
Trims of choice
 The most important part of sewing your period garment is achieving a good fit. We offer a “FIT KIT” aimed at helping you accomplish this. This kit is designed to help you fit Timeless Stitches Basic Fitted Bodice TSB-100 pattern, but its principles and ideas can be used to fit any pattern.  
This listing is for a hard copy pattern and not a finished garment. 

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